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Welcome to my homepage! I’m Julia, a passionate traveler who also likes to photograph nature.

I am traveling the world to search for unforgettable moments. Goose bump moments and experiences which are one-of-a-lifetime. Waking up in a Fale at the beach in Samoa. Watching wild Elephants in Sri Lanka. Or the indescribable feeling right after jumping out of an Airplane above Mt. Cook in New Zealand.

No matter where I go, I always keep my eyes open for the accessibility of places. I have a walking disability which restricts me in moving around. Therefore, my posts also cover the topic of accessibility and restrictions which you might experience and some workarounds I might have tried out. Due to my rare and quite unknown diagnose, I provide this topic also some presence on my website.

I cannot stay at home for too long. As soon as I am back from a trip, I start creating a photo book. Looking at all the pics and remembering great experiences encourages me to already think about possible next destinations. Every few years, I desperately need to travel for a longer period of time, 2 months or more, to leave all the everyday life behind and dive into another culture and context.


Traveling with handicap

Within all my blog articles, I share my experiences with you. I don’t accept to be booked and paid for any good recommendation, so all my stories reflect my personal opinion. I not only love to share experiences in nature or with people from different cultures, but also regarding the accessibility of places and inclusion of people with disabilities in various cultures. Likewise, I need to be careful which steps I take, not to fall at any curbs, so I automatically focus on such “architectural features” of places.

I usually keep my walking sticks with me, they help me keep balance. Initially, I bought these hiking sticks in Brisbane, Australia, when I prepared for the Cradle Mountain Overland Track in Tasmania with a friend. I really love these hiking sticks, and they became my walking sticks a few years later. Even though they have some scratches and “bugs” already, I still don’t want to exchange them.

I have always preferred to travel with a backpack, it’s so much more convenient. Carrying stuff on my back (of course within a high quality backpack) has always been more comfortable than carrying some suitcases -even if they have wheels. By using my walking sticks to keep balance, I need both hands free to hold them, so I will stick to traveling with a backpack. I am still able to walk, just with the risk of falling. If you are interested into wheelchair travel specifically, I would highly recommend the homepage of Kim, Wheelie Wanderlust. Of course, the prerequisites are quite individual for each and every person with handicap, even among people with the same diagnose. Therefore, I want to focus on the great experiences and share some tips about planning and organizing the trips.


My Channels

I share stories about my experiences within this blog. Moreover, I have a YouTube channel. As I am quite a beginner in video-creation, I will need some time to create one or the other video, edit a little and upload it to my channel. I also try to start using an Instagram account to immediately share pictures about any travel experiences.

The whole project of updating the blog, producing videos or updating you on Instagram takes quite some time and also costs money. Therefore, there are adverts included in my website. They are selected, I only share links on accommodation, equipment, tours etc. which I can recommend, or I add a note why I wouldn’t recommend it. The deal: you get all the stories, pictures, useful and important information for free. If you book or buy through this website, I get a small commission, the product, or service won’t get any number of cents more expensive for you. Fair, hey?

So… do you like what you see? Do you follow me? I would be glad! 🙂