About the country

Russia (Cyrillic) Россия
Capital Moscow
Currency Russian Ruble

Russia is indeed a huge country, however, the 2D layout of the common European maps are misleading. If you check back on a 3D globe, Russia is far not as big compared to the diameters across Africa and multiple European countries are far smaller than they seem to be. Maybe you only want to check out famous Moscow or St Petersburg. Perhaps you consider another region like the Lake Baikal as your travel destination within Russia. If you consider traveling across the country, consider taking the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

Traveling to Russia requires a visa, even with a German passport. I have written a post on how to get a Russian tourist visa with more details. When I traveled to Russia, I entered by train, on the train (Trans-Mongolian Railway) from Ulaanbaatar. I left Russia by plane, there have been quite cheap offers before anyone knew about Corona and before Russia invaded into Ukraine.