I’m happy that you found traveling-with-handicap, the travel blog which extends travel experiences for the context of accessibility, health, and inclusion. Thank you for following me on my travels through the world. Within the travel context, you’ll find country-specific information to all places I have visited.

Please be aware that accessibility is not the main and only focus-topic of my blog. My motivation is to share experiences for everyone, and, at the same time, help everyone to understand that accessibility is an important and non-negligible topic for some people. Moreover, I share some perceptions on how I experienced inclusion of people with a disability in different cultural contexts.

I will need a wheelchair at any time in the future, nobody is able to predict the point of time. For as long as I am still able to walk, I will visit and write about places which I can still access but might be inaccessible to wheelchair users.

Accessibility is not only a big topic for traveling, but also for cultural institutions or office spaces. Undoubtedly, some improvements have been made in recent years. However, there are still far too few places which have put the effort into being fully inclusive and accessible to everyone. Moreover, the information on accessible places needs to be distributed more publicly. My motivation is to reach everyone, both people who require the information and people who benefit from developing a more inclusive mindset.



You want to collaborate with traveling-with-handicap? I am looking forward to exciting and interesting proposals for cooperations which fit to my blog, its audience, and of course, to me. Do you have an idea, do you need more information, do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact me through julia.weber.93(at)gmx.de


Travel Blog considering accessibility, focusing on restrictions in walking

You may expect authentic, motivating and well-researched articles regarding my travels. You may enjoy photos and videos of my trips around the globe. Moreover, you may find information on the accessibility of places as well as on my experiences of (culturally dependent) openness regarding people with disabilities. You may look forward to a trustworthy collaboration which may enable you to consider new perspectives.

My motivation is to inspire people, to enjoy every minute of life, to not feel restricted due to chronic illnesses or disabilities. Moreover, I aim to draw attention to the topic of accessibility to all those readers who would not consider or recognize certain restrictions.


Good to know: You can’t buy my opinion. If I try out a product, if I participate at an event or trip, I always tell and write about my authentic experiences. This is very important to me, since I want my readers to be able to rely on my opinion and assessment.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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  • Talk: “User-Support als wertvolle Feedback-Quelle für Produkt-Weiterentwicklung mit Scrum” (ScrumDay 2022, 30.07.)