About the country

Republic of Vanuatu (Bislama) Ripablik blong Vanuatu
Republic of Vanuatu (French) République de Vanuatu
Capital Port Vila
Currency Vanuatu Vatu

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a map of Vanuatu within my maps’ plugin. Vanuatu is an island country in the Southern Pacific, consisting of 80 islands across a diameter of 1300 km. There are plenty of diving spots at the coral reefs around islands or lagoons. The main island of Vanuatu is Efate with its capital Port Vila. Bislama, English and French are the three official languages of Vanuatu. Before entering Vanuatu, I have never heard of Bislama before. It counts as one of the English-based Creole languages spoken in the Pacific. When reading some texts in Bislama, I realized that English and French have been mixed and a little simplified.

Vanuatu is a comparatively poor country, I was surprised about the sign refusing every barefoot person to board the plane, you had to wear shoes. I didn’t consider that wearing shoes makes quite a difference for many people until I took the domestic flight to Tanna Island. I went there because of an island tour, including the hike up to an active volcano. During the tour I encountered how poor the inhabitants of this island are and at the same time how friendly. However, if you are scared of being robbed during nighttime, you might check out the hotels’ measures for safety and security before you book. I will share some more insights on Vanuatu in my blog posts.

Since I started the blog not too long before my Sabbatical leave, it might take a while until I manage to write up everything.