About the country

New Caledonia (French) Nouvelle-Calédonie
Capital Nouméa
Currency CFP Franc

Why did I decide to travel to New Caledonia? Well, mainly for two reasons:

  • Both New Caledonia and French Polynesia are French pacific overseas territories, the flights from “French territory” to “French territory” were cheaper than any other connection to French Polynesia (Tahiti)
  • New Caledonia, especially its main island, Grand Terre, obtains some flora and fauna which clearly distinguishes it from other pacific islands (the high abundance of coral reefs is nice but not a distinct characteristic)

Well, New Caledonia may also be described as the offshore hub of the rich French. I felt like in France, when everyone expects you to speak French and at the same time the level of English is very low – even though I would expect the majority of tourists to not speak any French. After checking out some island countries in the Pacific, the most indulging experience was the baguette which I found in a bakery in the capital Nouméa.

Since I started the blog not too long before my Sabbatical leave, it might take a while until I manage to write up everything.