This text visualizes another aspect of traveling. The experiences made aside of the sightseeing aspects. There is some improvement necessary…


I’m freezing

It’s really hot outside, yes, 30 °C or more. So I dress accordingly, in light stuff which still offers some sun protection. Why, what the hell, do you then need to cool down the bus or rooms so much? People bring extra layers of pants and jumpers into the bus just to not freeze. Many tourists have a scratchy voice and running nose due to all the Air cons at far too low temperatures.

On the one hand, existing hot temperatures show how far we have already heated up the environment beyond the “normal” temperatures. So, in my opinion, sweating is actually not too bad, it shows us where we’re all heading if nobody changes anything. On the other hand, some nice and chilly spots are convenient and protect our health. However, every degree warmer (I’m talking about Air cons) saves tons of energy. I simply don’t get why the room temperatures need to be chilly, just cool them down a little, it saves both energy and improves the health of people (who otherwise freeze).

Buses in Mexico are convenient, yes, however, I hate their Air cons, and I’m happy to leave the bus as soon as possible. Moreover, I avoid all restaurants or places that are cooled down below any healthy temperature. I don’t see any reason for packing winter-clothes into my bag, carry them around in the heat, just to have them available for a chilly place.


Unnecessary plastic waste

Why do people have to pack literally everything into plastic bags? Moreover, not-reusable plastic bags. While walking along the road, I watch people peeling oranges just to put the peeled fruit into plastic bags to sell. This is nonsense, why not leaving the orange as it is, selling it as it is, and through this, avoiding all that plastic?

When ordering meals, you might as well get parts of it packed in plastic. This is so much waste, and it hurts to watch it. I brought a shopping bag which I use to put all my food into the respective fridges in hostels. There are not many other travelers who use cloth bags. The majority of food is I see in fridges is distributed in many plastic bags. I also brought a food box, which I use to store or carry prepared/soft food. This way, I also save layers of plastic waste.



No matter where I have been in Mexico until now, I’ve seen plenty of wheelchair ramps at the sidewalks. They are even outlined through blue coloring. Good impression, yes. However, the only people I have seen using such ramps have been 2 [!] wheelchair users begging for money. I have not seen any other wheelchair users yet, and I am wondering at which places these people hide. Moreover, the wheelchair ramps are not really always useful, as they are often followed by other types of blockings.

Whenever I book a dorm bed in a hostel, I request to get the lower bunk since there is a very high risk of falling when I try to climb a ladder. Especially since the first step of the ladder typically is at a certain height already. I always mention that I am not able to climb ladders due to a walking disability, but stairs are possible.

Honestly, I’ve been traveling a lot and this has never been an issue. Some staff members try to fill up dorm rooms before opening up new ones (typically in Australia), but a little persistence will solve the issue. However, I have never experienced as much lack of understanding as in Mexico. Responses were like that they would expect me to book a single room, just to not have the issue. Or that they won’t guarantee. In these circumstances, a little more persistence is necessary. I went into deep conversations like asking whether they would expect people with vertigo to book single rooms to not have an issue.



Of course, I am not able to speak about Mexico as a whole country. I am speaking about the places I went, the buses I used, the experiences I had. Nevertheless, 3 weeks in Mexico are enough for a good impression on the three topics I mentioned, Air conditioning, plastic waste and inclusion.

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